Correction: Athenaeum Event Wednesday, Oct. 26 in Kent Library

LOC-KentThe date for the Kent Library’s Athenaeum series event titled “Better than the Best Circus – Contemporary Campaign Techniques and Technology” was incorrect in today’s Newswire. The correct date and time is noon on Wednesday, Oct. 26, in Sadie’s Place in Kent Library. The News Bureau apologizes for the error.

The event will focus on the upcoming November election. Voter turnout in the United States tends to hover around 50-60 percent for recent presidential elections and 30-40 percent for congressional midterms, while plummeting to around 20 percent for local elections. Why is electoral participation so low? Are structural factors, such as registration and identification laws to blame? What is the impact of a perceived lack of party cohesion or legitimate choices on the ballot? Can anything be done? Dr. Jason Sides, assistant professor of political science, and Dr. Jeremy Walling, associate professor of political science, will explore these topics as we approach the 2016 presidential election.