Statement from Southeast President Carlos Vargas Regarding DACA Students

For over 140 years, Southeast Missouri State University has served students from all demographics, nationalities and geographic areas.  Each of these students greatly enhances and enriches the academic and cultural conversations at our University.  The actions announced this week at the federal level regarding DACA students are concerning.  The ability of these students to pursue their degree carries great significance for them and their families.  For many DACA students in our state, Missouri is the only home they know.  They speak English as their primary language; many have graduated from our primary and secondary schools and have the potential to become future business professionals, scientists, health care providers, entrepreneurs and leaders in our state.  At Southeast “we are one” – a place where everyone is welcome, appreciated and respected.  I stand ready to work alongside our elected officials at both the federal and state levels in support of all of our students to ensure that all individuals that desire to pursue higher education have the means and ability to do so.