$35,000 ITC Grant Paves Way for Visualization Lab at Southeast


A new visualization laboratory in Magill Hall at Southeast Missouri State University is providing a vital resource for students and faculty to analyze large sets of data.

The heart of the laboratory includes a new visualization wall comprised of nine 4K Samsung 65- inch TVs mounted in a three-by-three matrix configuration. The wide screens allow for complex data sets and computational models to be displayed.

The laboratory is made possible thanks to a $35,000 grant awarded to Southeast’s College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics from the Information Technology Committee (ITC) to establish a visualization laboratory.

The lab also supports a Digital Storm PC computer tower, Amira software platforms, and video and sync cards, all of which ensure optimal quality display.

The new technology will help support current research and projects, including Computed Tomography (CAT) scans, confocal microscope images and computational simulations. In the future, projects such as remote sensing, Geographic Information Systems and emergency management coordination may use the visualization wall.

“Trying to toggle through multiple windows on a single monitor desktop is very difficult when attempting to make meaningful comparisons. The visualization wall allows faculty and students to perform and/or showcase their research in a more dynamic, interactive setting,” said Dr. Mike Cobb, Southeast professor of physics.

Applying for the grant was part of a team effort of faculty across multiple disciplines, including the Department of Chemistry and Physics, the Department of Biology, and the Department of Engineering and Technology, to be able to bring this modern, sophisticated system to Southeast, Cobb said.

“As a college resource, many faculty and students can have its benefits while sharing the cost and support,” he said.

In the future, Southeast hopes to expand the tech resources available in the lab with a 3D scanner and 3D printer.