90.9 KRCU-FM’S “Sunday Night at The Opera” to Be Scarier than Usual


CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., Oct. 15, 2004 — The dead will howl this Halloween as KRCU 90.9 FM presents a special edition of “Sunday Night at the Opera.” 

Listeners will be terrified and treated to Philip Feeney’s “Dracula,” a ballet based on the novel by Bram Stoker.  The program will be hosted by special ghost-host Morgana; a sorceress who has been frightening audiences for centuries.

Barbara Herbert, host of “Sunday Night at the Opera,” is excited about the prospect of doing a Halloween special.  “So many people are fascinated with vampires; it is a perfect fit to play this ballet on Halloween night,” she said.

Not only will the Feeney ballet be played in its entirety, but the story of “Dracula” will be told between acts, complete with sound effects and musical cues.  After the conclusion of the ballet, there will be a special surprise that listeners will have to tune in to hear.

The program is being offered to public radio stations across the country.  So far, WHIL in Mobile Ala., WFSS in Fayetteville, N.C., and KEDT in Corpus Christi, Texas, have agreed to air “Dracula.”  

KRCU 90.9 FM is Cape Girardeau’s local Public Radio International affiliate and a National Public Radio member station, providing national and local programs that are both informative and entertaining. For more information, visit www.krcu.org.