9,618: Southeast Enrollment Exceeds Last Year’s All-Time High



Sept. 21, 2004 – Enrollment at Southeast Missouri State University for the fall 2004 semester is up slightly from last year with a fourth week census report showing total combined undergraduate and graduate student headcount exceeding last year’s all-time high.

Total enrollment at Southeast Missouri State University today stands at 9,618 for the fall 2004 semester.

“We are thrilled with the University’s enrollment success,” said Debbie Below, director of enrollment management and admissions. “These enrollment records continue to be set and surpassed each year because of university faculty and staff who are committed to creating a quality learning and living environment, focused on personal attention and professional educational experiences.”

Total combined undergraduate and graduate student headcount grew by 764 students or 7 percent from the first day of classes Aug. 23, when total headcount was reported at 8,854 to the end of the fourth week of classes Sept. 17. During that four-week period, undergraduate enrollment grew by 523 students or six percent and graduate student enrollment by 241 students or 20 percent.

Total combined headcount at Southeast is up .5 percent from this time a year ago when total combined student headcount was reported at 9,570. 

Today’s fourth week admissions report shows total undergraduate enrollment at 8,460, down .3 percent from fall 2003. The report also shows beginning freshmen headcount at 1,500, up .3 percent from this time last year.

Continuing freshmen headcount is 820, up 3.4 percent from fall 2003. Sophomore headcount stands at 1,539, down 4.5 percent from this time last year. Junior headcount is 1,601, down 3.6 percent from fall 2003. Senior headcount is 2,136, up 2.7 percent from this time last year.

 “Our beginning and continuing freshmen enrollments are up and continue to remain strong,” said Dr. Dennis Holt, vice president for administration and enrollment management. “We have every reason to believe our beginning freshmen numbers will continue to grow, given the hard work of the Admissions Office. These numbers suggest we will have an even better fall next fall.”

Below added, “Our ability to recruit a larger freshmen class this fall is a real success story, given slight declines or flat enrollment from high schools throughout the Southeast Missouri State University service region. Our admissions staff has established positive relationships with high school counselors, parents, and students — an effort reflected in our recruitment success.”

Total graduate student headcount stands at 1,158, up 6.5 percent from fall 2003. Degree seeking master’s student headcount is 616, down 12.7 percent from this time a year ago. Non-degree seeking unclassified graduate student headcount stands at 449, up 51.2 percent from fall 2003. Specialists headcount is 83, up 15.3 percent from this time last year. Doctoral headcount is 10, down two students from fall 2003. 

Dr. Fred Janzow, vice provost and dean of graduate studies, said, “We are pleased that graduate enrollment has stabilized somewhat. The current pattern of graduate enrollment includes an increase in the number of non-degree seeking students, those who are completing graduate courses in various disciplines but have not formally declared that they are pursuing a specific degree. A correlated decrease in the proportion of degree-seeking students has occurred. We are examining the enrollment data to determine what may have contributed to the shift toward non-degree seeking status.”

Holt credits some of the growth in graduate enrollment to the efforts of the College of Education in recruiting students into programs and professional development programs both on and off campus.

“They are to be commended for that,” Holt said.