Tuesday, March 9, 2021


Dear Colleague,

As we begin the Spring 2017 Semester, we welcome back our students and hope you are beginning the new year with renewed enthusiasm.  While we are pleased with a successful start to the new semester, it does appear that we will be facing some critical financial challenges in the weeks and months ahead.

 As you may have noted from yesterday’s news cycle, newly inaugurated Missouri Governor Eric Greitens began outlining several of the state’s budget issues.  Projected state revenue growth has not met the expectations that lawmakers estimated for the FY17 budget.  Despite withholdings made by former Governor Jay Nixon last summer and fall, the stagnant revenue growth necessitated additional withholdings. Consequently, Governor Greitens announced yesterday that he is authorizing the withholding of $55.9 million from the higher education base budget for FY17.  This will equate to a $3.43 million withholding for Southeast Missouri State University.

 Those of you who have been at Southeast over the past decade know that we have dealt with tough budget challenges in the past.  In the spirit of collegiality, we have worked cooperatively to make decisions for the larger benefit of the institution.  Difficult decisions will again need to be made over the next several months.

 One of our strengths is our historic Budget Review Committee, a group comprised of representation from throughout the campus community.  That Committee will immediately be activated to begin reviewing the Governor’s FY17 withholdings, the outlook for state support in FY18, and possible revenue enhancements and expense reductions to balance the budget.  All will be asked to discuss the budget situation and to brainstorm ideas on how we can increase revenues, reduce expenditures, and create cost-saving efficiencies within our operations. 

 We will need to work together to find solutions and compromises to minimize the effect budget cuts may have on our mission of serving students and our region.  Despite the challenges, there are many positive and encouraging projects and initiatives in progress across our campus.  We will continue to focus on our enrollment, retention and graduation goals and I am confident that working together, we can overcome the economic challenges.  I want to thank you in advance for your patience, your constructive advice, and your support of Southeast Missouri State University.

 Best wishes for a great Spring Semester,


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