Tuesday, March 9, 2021


Dear Members of the Southeast community,

At Southeast Missouri State University, we take pride in our will to do and our commitment to go the extra mile to assist our students and our fellow colleagues in finding success.  And we consider it part of our culture to encourage others to the same – and to celebrate when we do.

I am proud of the commitment of our faculty and staff.  I have heard many stories about those of you who have gone the extra mile to assist our students or to support your fellow faculty and staff members.  Whether it was the staff member who stopped in a torrential rainfall to assist a student whose car battery had died, or the faculty member who came to campus on Saturday to meet with a nontraditional prospective student, or the staff member who anonymously purchased lunch for a fellow colleague – many of you have put forth the extra effort to help or to challenge or to inspire.

In the next several weeks, you will begin seeing marketing information regarding a new Presidential initiative called Southeast Shout Outs.  It is my plan over the next academic year to periodically recognize those faculty and staff who go the extra mile or who put forth the extra effort to help someone, to challenge someone, or to inspire.

If you know a University faculty or staff member who deserves recognition for having gone “above and beyond,” please nominate that individual via the Southeast Shout-Outs website at www.semo.edu/nominate.  I will personally review the nominations and make selections where warranted.  Those who receive Southeast Shout-Outs will be recognized with an award token and a news story in Newswire. 

You can join me in officially celebrating your deserving colleagues’ will to do!  Please share this information with our students as they, too, can go to the website and nominate a deserving faculty or staff member to receive special recognition.

Thanks for all you do to assist our students and your colleagues!