Alumnus Sharing Journalistic Call with Students

Swan Sam

Dr. Sam Swan

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., Oct. 1, 2015 — Southeast Missouri State University alumnus Dr. Sam Swan of Knoxville, Tennessee, spends his days bringing the love of journalism to his students.

Swan is a professor of broadcast journalism at the University of Tennessee.  He also holds the title of director of International Programs for the College of Communications at the university. His work doesn’t stop there. He is the international media trainer for Voice of America, the U.S. State Department and others.

“I train journalists around the world,” he says.

At Southeast, Swan earned a Bachelor of Science in Education, with a minor in English. He has a Master of Science in education from Central Missouri State and a doctorate in communication from the University of Missouri. He says he loves his profession and looks at it in the way most teachers do. He doesn’t plan on changing his mind anytime soon.

“I want to keep doing what I am doing,” Sam says, “I feel that broadcast journalism is a calling, and we are serving our communities.”

Sam says he chose Southeast because it was close to home and it gave him many opportunities.

“I lived at home. Because I was able to go to school close, that helped make college affordable.  I was able to get my first job in radio and TV at KFVS while I was a student,” he says.

His favorite memories at Southeast are closely connected to the world he lives in today. The experiences he had here helped direct him to a career shaping the minds of youth.

“Being named anchor at KFVS-TV while I was a student and receiving critiques each day by my professors,” he says, are times he cherishes from Southeast.

In his free time, Swan can be found on the road.

“I love to travel. Through my travels I have conducted more than 150 workshops in over 50 countries and try to do some extra traveling along the way,” he says.

To Southeast students he offers this advice:

“Take advantage of all opportunities you are given at SEMO, and strive to become the very best at what you do,” he says.