Arrow Takes Home 13 Awards at MCMA Conference

From left are Arrow Editor Toslin Taylor, Arrow Faculty Advisor Dr. Tamara Zellars Buck, Arrow Copy Desk Chief and A&E Editor Kennedy Meyer, Arrow Sports Editor Zach Tate and Arrow Staff Writer Jasmine Massey at the 2019 Missouri College Media Association (MCMA) Conference.

The Arrow, the student newspaper of Southeast Missouri State University, won 13 awards at the 2019 Missouri College Media Association (MCMA) Conference April 13-14 at Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri.

Among the Arrow’s awards were five first-place, two second-place and three third-place finishes, and three honorable mentions.

The Arrow’s special report title “The Impact Zone” was highly recognized, earning two first-place awards in the In-Depth News Reporting and Multimedia Package categories and two second-place awards in the Special Section or Supplement and Story Illustration categories. “The Impact Zone” was a special report which detailed the impact of the opioid epidemic facing Missouri and southeast Missouri in particular.

The Arrow’s special report “The Impact Zone” won two first-place and two second-place awards at the 2019 MCMA Conference.

“This has been a great awards season for the Arrow, and the work done on our special supplement ‘The Impact Zone’ has been highly recognized at the national and state level,” said Dr. Tamara Zellars Buck, faculty advisor to the Arrow and multimedia journalism coordinator in Southeast’s Department of Mass Media. “It’s exciting to know that that work, in particular, was completely student driven from conception to publication, which just demonstrates how well our students do when they are allowed to innovate and pursue passion projects.”

The Arrow also won first-place awards for Best Entertainment Review, Best Feature Page and Best Campus Engagement and Promotions; third-place awards for Best Sports Page, Best Editorial Writing and Best Campus Engagement and Promotions; along with three honorable mentions for Best Information Graphic, Best Page One Design and Best Website.

The diversity of the awards from reporting to advertising and design to its website is a testament to the dedication of the Arrow’s staff, said Toslin Taylor, Arrow editor.

“Winning these awards proves that we do compare to these other institutions across the state, and it shows the hard word and late nights were worth it,” Taylor said. “It also shows Southeast’s program and blended classrooms are important, and we’re getting the skills we need to put out a professional newspaper. I’ve been with the Arrow three years now, and for the staff it’s never about the awards, but about the content and being the most professional organization we can be.”

The awards are also evidence that the skills and dedication fostered in the classroom and newsroom are giving Southeast students the professionalism they need to excel in the industry, added Buck.

“Three of our winners, including Patrick Buck Jr., Racheal Davis and Christian Edwin, were recognized for work they did in their first months with the Arrow,” Buck said. “This serves as encouragement to everyone on campus that the publishing in our student media is a great way to develop skills and be recognized for your work.”

In addition to the awards, Arrow Sports Editor Zach Tate was elected MCMA president for the 2019-2020 academic year. As president, Tate will be responsible for coordinating next year’s contest and conference, which will be held at Southeast April 3-4, 2020.

MCMA awards presented to the Arrow were:

  • First place, In-Depth News Reporting, Division 1 (Arrow Staff, “Impact Zone”)
  • First place, Entertainment Review, Division 1 (Patrick Buck Jr., “Kendrick Lamar’s Black Panther Soundtrack”)
  • First place, Feature Page, Division 1 (Matt Dollard and Christian Edwin, “Impact Zone”)
  • First place, Multimedia Package, Division 1 (Arrow Staff, “Impact Zone” web edition)
  • First place, Campus Entertainment and Promotions, Advertising Division (What’s Up SEMO, Fall 2019)
  • Second place, Special Section or Supplement, Division 1 (Arrow Staff, “Impact Zone”)
  • Second place, Story Illustration, Division 1 (Racheal Davis and Christian Edwin, “Impact Zone”)
  • Third place, Sports Page, Division 1 (Zach Tate, Aug. 15, 2018, pages 8-10)
  • Third place, Editorial Writing, Division 1 (Kara Hartnett, “FERPA Abuse? I Think So”)
  • Third place, Campus Entertainment and Promotion, Advertising Division (Shoeboxes of Caring)
  • Honorable Mention, Information Graphic, Division 1 (Taria Graham, “Questionable Conduct,” April 18, 2018, pages 8-9)
  • Honorable Mention, Website, Division 1 (Toslin Taylor,
  • Honorable Mention, Page One Design, Division 1 (Matt Dollard, Oct. 10, 2018)