‘Bach, Beethoven and Boccherini’ Faculty Recital to be Presented Sept. 8 at River Campus


Sara Edgerton, professor of cello at Southeast Missouri State University, and Matt Yount, pianist, will present a faculty recital entitled “Bach, Beethoven and Boccherini” at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 8 in the Robert F. and Gertrude L. Shuck Musical Recital Hall at Southeast’s River Campus.

The program will open with the “Suite No. 6 in D Major, BWV1012,” for solo violoncello by the Baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach.

“Scholars believe that this suite was most likely written for a five-stringed cello, the ‘violoncello piccolo,’ which had an additional ‘E’ string above the top ‘A’ string,” Edgerton said. “The pitch range of this suite is extremely wide, with use of very high as well as very low tessituras. Its expressive range is likewise expanded, with vibrant and exciting fast dance movements paired with slow, meditative movements.”

Also on the program is the short, middle movement of the “Concerto in B-flat Major” by the Italian composer, Luigi Boccherini, an exponent of the classical style in music and a contemporary of Haydn and Mozart.

“A noted composer and cellist in his day, Boccherini’s music exhibits the charm and elegance of the early classical style,” Edgerton said. “The movement to be performed highlights the songlike, cantabile nature of the cello.”

The program will conclude with Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Sonata in D Major for Cello and Piano,” Op. 102, no. 2. This sonata is the fifth and last in the series of sonatas that Beethoven wrote for the cello and piano. It was composed during a period of emotional turmoil and ill health in Beethoven’s life, compounded by his increasing deafness, Edgerton said.

“The ‘Sonata in D Major,’ to be performed on this recital, has a brilliant first movement, followed by a beautiful, slow, hymn-like second movement,” she said. “The concluding movement is an intense, exciting fugue.”

This program is open to the public. Face coverings will be required, and social distancing guidelines will be in place.


Tickets may be purchased by contacting the River Campus Box Office, located in the Cultural Arts Center, 518 S. Fountain St., weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., by calling (573) 651-2265, or online at http://rivercampus.org.