Banner Maintenance Scheduled Sept. 11


Starting at noon on Friday, Sept. 11, IT will be upgrading the University’s Oracle database environment.  This update impacts a number of campus business applications. It is a complex upgrade and will require extensive testing after it is completed. Impacted services to be available again on Monday, Sept. 14.

Impacted services include:

  • Ellucian Banner
  • Self-services applications on the portal (e.g., timesheets, budget queries, requisition approvals, etc.).
  • Deposits for the Cashiers received on Sept. 11 may not be processed until Monday, Sept. 14. If a deposit must be receipted on Sept. 11, bring it early that morning.
  • All departmental payment sites will be down, as well as the ability to view bills or make payments through SEMO-Pay.
  • The Current Student Checklist and Admitted Student Checklist will be unavailable.
  • Students will not have the ability to add or drop classes during the outage. To receive a 60% fee adjustment for eligible dropped courses, all classes must be dropped prior to the system outage.
  • Students and parents will not have the ability to view billing information or make payments though SEMO-Pay.
  • Students and faculty will be able to access Moodle directly at

Note: Canvas, Moodle and Office 365 (email, calendar, etc.) will still be operational. The Portal will be down for just a short period of time during the afternoon of Sept. 11.