Board of Regents to Meet March 25



March 24, 2010 – The Southeast Missouri State University Board of Regents is scheduled to meet at 12:30 p.m. March 25 in the John and Betty Glenn Convocation Center at the River Campus. Following is an agenda for Thursday’s meeting.



March 25, 201012:30 p.m.  River CampusJohn & Betty Glenn Convocation Center*

Open Session Agenda

ACTION ITEMS:                                                                                                                             1. Consideration of Approval of Minutes for:                                                                                             Open Meeting of December 17, 20092. Consideration of Room and Board Rates for FY11                                                                                A. Proposed FY11 Rental Rates for Non-Traditional Housing    B. Proposed FY11 Residence Life Budget and Room & Board Rates3. Consideration of Approval of Project Scope and Budget for Repairs and Architectural                          Improvements to the Towers Complex 4. Consideration of Approval of Schedule of Major Capital Projects and                                                  Maintenance & Repair Items for FY115. Consideration of Approval of Academic Programs:• Consideration of Approval of Master of Arts in Public History                                                                • Consideration of Approval of Master of Arts in Career Counseling                                                         • Consideration of Approval of Bachelor of Science Commercial Photography                                         • Consideration of Approval of Bachelor of Science in Education:  Agricultural Education• Consideration of Approval of Graduate Certificate:  Facilities Management• Consideration of Approval of Graduate Certificate:  Heritage Education                                                 • Consideration of Approval of Graduate Certificate:  Historic Preservation                                              • Consideration of Approval of BSBA Marketing:  Sales Management (new option)                                 • Consideration of Approval of Post-Master’s Graduate Certification – Family Nurse Practitioner           6. Consideration of Discontinuance of BSBA Management Information Systems Program                           CONSENT ITEMS:7. Consideration of Approval of Resolutions of Honor for Retirees                                                         8. Consideration of Approval of Rescinding Administrative Policies in the Business Policies                     and Procedures Manual9. Consideration of Approval of Resolution Authorizing the Vice President for Finance                           and Administration to Executive all Grant Application and Contract Documents with the Delta Regional Authority10. Consideration of Approval of Faculty Senate Bill 09-A-06 (Student Evaluation of Instruction)          11. Consideration of Approval of Faculty Senate Bill 09-A-07 (Five-Year Academic Calendar)             REPORT ITEMS:1. Report on Missouri Budget from Paul Wagner, Coordinating Board for Higher Education2. Report on the Higher Learning Commission Multi-Site Visit                                                              3. Progress Report on Contracts and Facilities Management Projects                                                   4. President’s Report• Report on “Right of Ten Year Termination Clause in the Lease Agreement Between                           St. Mary’s Seminary (now the Congregation of the Mission Western Province) and Southeast Missouri State University”   

ACTION ITEM:1. Consideration of Motion for “Closed Session for Appropriate Considerations:” A. RSMo 610.021.1 — pertaining to legal actions, causes of action or litigation B. RSMo 610.021.2 — pertaining to lease, purchase or sale of real estate C. RSMo 610.021.3 — pertaining to the hiring, firing, disciplining or promotion of  personnelD. RSMo 610.021.14 — pertaining to records which are protected from disclosure  by law

ACTION ITEMS:1. Reconvene Open Session2. Announce Action Taken in Closed Session

DISCUSSION AND CONSIDERATION OF POSSIBLE INITIATIVES TO BALANCE FY11 & FY12 BUDGETS:1. Discussion and Consideration of Possible Initiatives to Balance FY11 & FY12 Budgets  WA. OverviewB. Details of 5% CutsC. Intercollegiate AthleticsD. Other Common FeesE. Institutional ScholarshipsF. Employee BenefitsG. Utilities and SustainabilityH. Student ServicesI. Academic ActivitiesJ. Special Course Fees K. Summary of Budget Review Committee Recommendations

ACTION ITEM:1. Consideration of Motion to Recess Open Meeting until Friday, March 26, 2010


FRIDAY, MARCH 26, 20108:00 A.M.

1. Consideration of Motion to Reconvene the Open Meeting2. Working Forum with Dr. Bill Weary, the Board of Regents and the following groups:Budget Review CommitteeAcademic Program Review CommitteeCouncil of DeansAdministrative CouncilFaculty Representatives who Participated in the 2008 Strategic Planning Forum Representatives from Student Government, IFC, NPHC & Panhellenic2008 Strategic Planning Steering Committee

ACTION ITEM:1. Consideration of Motion to Adjourn

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