‘Brain Brew’ Premiering Oct. 4 on KRCU 90.9 FM


With expertise and humor, dynamic hosts help entrepreneurial dreamers succeed

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., Sept. 26, 2003 — Public radio station KRCU 90.9 FM at Southeast Missouri State University has announced plans to air “Brain Brew,” a fast-moving, fun-filled program from Public Radio International, designed to help the world’s entrepreneurs, innovators, and dreamers succeed.

For one energetic hour each week, hosts Doug Hall (voted by America’s #1 Guru by Inc. Magazine) and David Wecker invite callers to talk about their newest invention or big idea, and then help them work through the critical sales and marketing issues involved in making the product or service succeed in the real world. Long on humor and high on entertainment, “Brain Brew” will begin airing at 2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 4, following “American Routes.”

“Brain Brew is a lot of fun,” says General Manager Dan Woods. ” It’s where real expertise meets great ᾰ and not so great ᾰ ideas. It’s a mix of strategic thinking, clear-headed advice, hilarity, and humor. Who knows? Brain Brew might even inspire some of our own listeners to act on their big dreams.”

“Brain Brew” is all about ideas that help entrepreneurial dreamers win more, lose less, make money, and thrive. Led by Hall and Wecker, guests and listeners enjoy an engaging, eye-opening, experience, brimming with “wow!” moments, as Hall and Wecker become the callers’ business consultants.

Having reviewed each guest’s product or idea and any marketing ideas they might have, the hosts talk, advise, laugh and strategize with them, and each caller hangs up with a bevy of ideas and directions, energized and eager to get started.

Jackie, for example, developed a baking pan that accommodates fillings, so users can make ice-cream cakes, even meatloaf filled with mashed potatoes. Mark, an outdoorsman, makes beautiful, hand-crafted, custom-made knives. Both got top-notch advice on how to take their products to the next level. And there was Bucky, a rodeo rider in an earlier program who had never won a contest but wanted advice on securing endorsements. An update revealed that of the hosts’ suggestions, winning still hadn’t worked for Bucky, but positioning his family’s long-term relationship with the American rodeo certainly did, and he landed a national sponsor.

With an unlimited supply of innovators eager to call in, “Brain Brew’s” content varies widely from week to week. Regular program segments further enhance the hour and include:

“Coffee Talk” ᾰ informal chats that range from updates on previous guests to off-the-cuff commentaries on corporate misbehavior.

“School Time” ᾰ fascinating discussions of new findings in business research.

“30-Second Guru” ᾰ a guest expert crams all he knows into a 30-second sound bite, and the hosts then discuss the topic with the guru in detail.

“Brain Brew” is produced by Mark Perzel and WGUC/Cincinnati and is distributed nationwide by Public Radio International. Support for “Brain Brew” comes from eBay, Bank of America, the Johnny Walker Keep Walking Entrepreneur Education Fund, and the Association of Crafts and Creative Industries.

KRCU 90.9 FM is the region’s Public Radio International affiliate and a National Public Radio member station. KRCU is located on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University.

For more information about Brain Brew, log on to http://www.krcu.org.