Brett Maikowski: Working with Sports Organizations



Brett Maikowski, a 2010 graduate of Southeast Missouri State University, is currently working as a National Football League communications intern for the Houston Texans in Houston, Texas.\

Brett graduated Southeast with a Bachelor of Science in sport management with a minor in business administration. He attended Southeast because of the sport management program.  Every school with a sport management program is listed on the North American Society for Sport Management website, and Southeast’s program was approved by their standards and was more business-oriented, which is why Brett decided Southeast would be the best choice.

“My favorite memory from Southeast was meeting my girlfriend, Ashley Guest,” Brett says.

While attending Southeast, Brett joined the Sport Management Society, where he found volunteer and work opportunities in sports.  His first experience came from volunteering as an usher for Southeast football games.

“I have always done whatever I could, no matter how small, to learn about the sports industry,” he says.  “By being willing to start small, I’ve been able to learn and grow from each experience to get where I am today.”

After graduating, Brett worked for the National Basketball Association’s San Antonio Spurs and then went on to work for the Houston Texans.

“I love interacting with the players and coaches on a daily basis to help present the organization in the best light to the public,” Brett says.  “Every day is different, and it always keeps you on your toes.”

Southeast helped Brett prepare for his career by giving him several more opportunities to get involved than he would have had at a larger university.  He advises current Southeast students to get involved as much as they can.

At one point, Brett worked three different on-campus jobs in the Department of Athletics, the Show Me Center and the Student Recreation Center because he had no experience in his job field and knew he wanted to work in sports.  After working in these three places, he realized which path he wanted to pursue for his career.

“Students should get involved because they won’t know if they will truly enjoy their career until they try it,” he says.
Brett enjoys playing sports and hopes to continue working at the professional or collegiate level in sports PR.  He says working in professional sports is extremely fast-paced.  There is a lot of media coverage at both the local and national level, so everything the team does is constantly being seen.

“When things are going well, that much exposure can generate a lot of positive publicity,” he says.  “But when things aren’t going so well, it’s important to find creative ways to present the organization in a positive way.  Through my internships with the San Antonio Spurs and Houston Texans, I’ve learned how to handle different situations, both good and bad, to serve the media and also paint a good image for the team.”