Career Mentoring Program to Connect Alumni With Students, Fellow Alumni



Jan. 19, 2010 – Choosing a career path can be a daunting challenge. That’s why Southeast Missouri State University is launching the One Minute Mentor Program, a career mentoring initiative getting under way with the start of the spring 2010 semester.

The program will match Southeast alumni with current students or alumni seeking a career mentor. The goal is to provide students or fellow alumni with advice from seasoned professionals from their own alma mater. The mentors, said Shad Burner, director of Alumni Services, may be able to guide students or fellow alumni on their next steps, offering them advice on what to expect in their future and on exploring other options available to them.

“Alumni can be that next step for students and for fellow alumni,” said Shad Burner, director of Alumni Services.

Students or Southeast alumni

May request a career mentor through the University’s Career Linkages office. Career Linkages, in turn, matches the student or alumnus with alumni who have volunteered to assist with career mentoring. The Alumni Services Office will then contact the mentor and provide him or her with biographical and contact information on the student or alumnus seeking a career mentor, including what they hope to learn and what advice they are seeking. Southeast also will provide the mentor with a preferred method for contacting the student or fellow alumnus – e-mail, text message or a phone call.

 The mentors will then contact the students by phone, offering their expertise and advice on the career they have chosen and the student is considering.

Alumni interested in volunteering to become a mentor may begin registering now. Alumni may select the “mentor” option on their profile through the online community or by going to and filling out a form. They will be asked to complete a brief profile that provides an overview of their experience and knowledge base. These alumni will then be added to the University’s Mentor Resource Reserve list.

The Alumni Services office will follow up two weeks after the initial contact to survey both the alumnus and the student on the effectiveness of the program, Burner said.

“It’s easy, simple and free, and will only take a few minutes of our alumni’s time to help shape lives,” he said. “Our alumni have been there and done it. We are hoping they will take a few minutes of their time to share their wealth of knowledge with our students and with their fellow alumni.”