Catapult Creative House Launches Online Store


Catapult Creative House at Southeast Missouri State University announces the launch of their online store featuring unique Made in Missouri and student made products and artwork.

“Unsocial” by Peter Lloyd, Southeast alumnus, and previous Catapult Studio student

The online store launched on Sept. 14 with 146 products ranging from coloring books, magnets and cards to apparel, jewelry and custom print T-shirts from collections found in store at The Shoppe @ Catapult and the Catapult Press.

“The online store at Catapult will allow us to reach a larger audience, travel with our Catapult Editions prints to sell at conferences like the Southern Graphics Council Conference and the Mid America Print Council Conference, and give students practice at listing items, packing and shipping, and online marketing for art,” said Hannah Sanders, assistant professor of art and lead faculty for Catapult Press. “As artists, it is important not only to engage in one’s local community, but to exhibit and sell work through online channels, as well.”

Airplane Shirt designed and printed by Southeast students and available for sale online.

The Catapult Press is offering unique hand printed T-shirts with various designs carved and printed by Southeast Missouri State University Students. These shirts are currently sold and printed in house during First Fridays and feature unique designs such as famous public and literary figures, student and faculty exhibitions, and more. 

Owl Shirt designed and printed by Southeast students and available for sale online.

The Catapult Press is also offering unique hand printed artwork from their Catapult Editions collections from various visiting artists who visit and print at Catapult Press.

“Today’s consumers expect an online sales platform from retailers of all sizes.  Retailers operating solely online, with no brick and mortar storefront, is also a major industry trend,” said Allie Helfrich,instructor of Fashion and Consumer Studies and lead faculty for The Shoppe. “Giving students the real life learning experience to create and manage the back office processes of an online retailer is an unparalleled opportunity provided to our students at Catapult Creative House.”

Confetti Pen designed and made by Ortmann Woodcraft, local vendor

The Shoppe is offering “Made in Missouri” products from Missouri name brands such as 1Canoe2, Lily Dawson Designs and Springbok, and from local vendors, students and alumni. “Made in Missouri” jewelry, cards, puzzles, T-shirts and more are currently available online and in store.

“Heart Card” pack of four printed by Kayla Rademacher, Southeast alumna and previous Catapult Studio student.

“We’re excited to finally launch our online store. Students with the Catapult Press and The Shoppe have been working diligently all summer to prepare for the online launch. They’ve been collaborating with each other, our Operations team, and our Multimedia Lab photographers to set up their online stores,” said Leah Powers, operations manager at Catapult Creative House. “The students now have an opportunity to expand their skill sets required for ecommerce with the experiential learning Catapult provides for them. It’s a unique situation where they get hands-on experience setting up and managing their online sales.”

“Zombie Jackson” four-color Linoleum block print by visiting artist Matthew Hopson-Walker and available for sale online.

While only two of Catapult Creative House student run businesses are currently selling online, more areas are scheduled to follow soon, such as the Catapult Gallery and Pop Up Shop. Catapult expects to add more products throughout the semester as students prepare for growth in online sales. To view available product and shop online, visit Catapult’s online store at