Catapult Exhibit ‘Among the Flowers’ Connects Self-Acceptance, Love with Body Image


The Catapult Creative House Student Studios at Southeast Missouri State University announces its third Artist of the Month exhibition of the season titled “Among the Flowers.”

The exhibition will feature the work of Southeast artist Madison Ellers of Crystal Lake, Illinois, who is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Education, art education. The exhibition is currently on view on the second floor of Catapult Creative House and will run through the month of October, with a closing reception from 5-9 p.m. Friday, Nov. 2.

Art by its nature is cathartic, whether it’s visual art, performance or the written word; creating something can serve as an exploration of feeling and experience. In “Among the Flowers,” printmaker Ellers uses nature and the figure to address the notion of both self-acceptance and love, and their connection to body image.

Using it as a totem, nature becomes more than a proxy for beauty, it is an emblem for the tradition of universal acceptance and comfort alike. While the environment and imagery in Ellers’ work may vary, there is a sense of introspection that emanates from the figures, one that attempts to temper the metaphorical weight of the bold shapes and confident lines; and yet it is this intensity that resonates with the personal and universal sense of vulnerability.

Each month and as a part of a program to promote community-based and integrated art making, a student artist is chosen to exhibit his or her work at Catapult Creative House’s Student Studio Gallery. These exhibitions will showcase a range of work from individual artists that highlights their personal and professional artistic explorations as a part of the Southeast Missouri art community. These artists explore the physicality of the human condition, its relationship to nature and the role of art in contemporary society. In addition to the exhibition, visitors are welcome to tour the studio spaces, view ongoing projects and engage with the artists.