CBEC Advisory Council Hosting Open House For New Faculty Preparation Room



Nov. 8, 2005 – The Harry L. Crisp Bootheel Education Center (CBEC) Advisory Council will host a “drop in” open house Nov. 17 to mark the official opening and dedication of a new faculty preparation room and lounge at the CBEC in Malden, Mo.

The event is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

“Our faculty needed an appropriate location to prepare for classes and relax between classes, and now that need has been met, said Dr. Rick Hux, director of the CBEC.

Beginning this school year, a large number of CBEC faculty are employed full time at the regional campus in Malden as employees of Southeast Missouri State University. Because several of these instructors travel some distance to work and do not have an on-campus office, the CBEC Advisory Council realized a need to develop and furnish a faculty prep room and rejuvenation area for them at the CBEC, Hux said.

The new facility features online instructor computer terminals in a private setting, a conference area, a telecommunication center, storage components, reproducing equipment, and a kitchenette/sitting room.

Prior to development of this area, there was very limited space for this purpose.  Now, due to the recent expansion of the facility, a former classroom has been converted for this use, and the addition of a faculty resource library is also being planned.

“This workroom is a place for me to recharge my batteries,” said Hardin Thomas, a psychology instructor at the CBEC. “I’m a full-time instructor driving in from Poplar Bluff to teach.  So, having a place to prepare for class, eat meals, and also relax between classes is wonderful.”

CBEC Advisory Council members will be available at the open house to greet the general public, along with faculty members and students who are invited to tour the new facility. Members of the Advisory Council will serve refreshments throughout the day to those who drop by to visit.

Marilyn Burleson of Dexter, Mo., who teaches anatomy and physiology and biology at the CBEC, said she is appreciative of the efforts of the CBEC Advisory Council and the CBEC for creating the teacher workroom. 

“I have been employed at the center since 1994 and never have had a place to work and store materials before,” she said. “I think it is a very beneficial area for those of us who live too far away to travel home and back between classes.”

Burleson says she will be on hand for the open house and encourages anyone attending the workroom dedication to drop by and see the new equipment and materials recently purchased by Southeast.

“I hope that students and community members will take time to visit the CBEC on the 17th and see the new faculty workroom while visiting with members of the Advisory Council,” said Carla Boulton of Bernie, Mo., secondary education instructor. “The council is to be commended for all of the work they do in making the center not only an asset to Southeast, but also to the Bootheel area.”

Having a faculty preparation room provides a place for instructors to meet and collaborate with other teaching professionals or to comfortably sit and chat with co-workers, said Jeanice Tanner of Wappapello, Mo., an English instructor at the CBEC.

“With the resources offered to us through this addition, we can be better equipped and prepared to give students a top quality education,” Tanner said.

Following the open house, the Advisory Council will hold a brief meeting at 5:30 p.m. Participating in the meeting will be Vice President for University Advancement Wayne Smith and Director of Alumni Development Jane Stacy, who will make brief remarks about University Advancement.

Hux said events like the open house help bring awareness to communities on how the CBEC Advisory Council continues to support the CBEC with first-rate learning facilities. 

“We’re proud of our facility and the support of this Advisory Council,” Hux said. “Once they were made aware of the need for faculty to have expanded facilities for their preparation and work, the Council members committed to making it happen.”

As a result, the Council has seen to it that a well equipped and functionally appropriate faculty room was made available.  The administration, staff, and faculty say they are very grateful to have a group of individuals so interested in the success of higher education in the Bootheel.

Tanner says members of the Advisory Council “give freely of their time to be our support group, and they’re a sounding board for the faculty.  Through their good efforts, we have more time to give to our students”. 

The CBEC Advisory Council has guided the regional campus for many years after Harry L. Crisp II of Marion, Ill., donated a former soft drink bottling plant to Southeast Missouri State University which was converted into the CBEC and opened in 1988. At the inception of the CBEC, Crisp appointed five members to a committee with the task of planning an effective use of his gift.

Pat Morehead of Malden, one of the original five members says, “Timing is what made our vision a success.  Several factories in the Bootheel had closed down leaving our rural area with a work force that had limited skills. The committee put their heads together and envisioned a learning center that could provide adult education classes and a brighter future for those people.”

The council’s goal then and now is to integrate that concept into the community.

Today the CBEC Advisory Council is a larger group of people who meet monthly during the school year. Though they are from various walks of life and reside in different communities across the Bootheel, they all have a common interest — supporting the successful endeavors of CBEC.   

Morehead is still an active member of the Council and she says the driving force for her involvement is the survival of communities in the Bootheel.  She said she and other Council members unite in a solid belief that without the educational opportunities the CBEC offers, the

Another Council member, Linda Matthews of Malden became involved with the Council after members of her immediate family made an endowment to the higher learning center.  Matthews says she enjoys the challenge of looking out for the best interest of the CBEC and being as accommodating to the faculty, staff and students as possible.  “I want people to realize that CBEC students really are a part of Southeast University and are receiving the same quality education as students on the main campus,” Matthews said.

Hux says the CBEC Advisory Council has always been tremendously supportive of the efforts of the regional campus in Malden. In addition to the huge financial commitment the council has made to the center, its members are actively involved in making sure that quality programming and facilities are available for students and faculty, he said. “As director, I rely on them constantly for guidance and support,” Hux said.