Concrete Repairs Scheduled


The following locations will be closed for concrete repairs by Nip Kelley Equipment Company starting this week through July 29. Please take precautions when driving or walking near construction sites. For more information, call Shelly Windeknecht, Facilities Management project manager, at (573) 651-2719. A map highlighting areas to be repaired is available at

  • Student Recreation Center South: Replace broken concrete entry landing by bike racks
  • Parking Lot 2-13: Pothole patching
  • Memorial Hall: Sidewalk and curb replacement between building and Henderson Street
  • Academic Hall: North sidewalk between fire lane and east sidewalk
  • Academic Hall: Curb replacement on shuttle drive between Academic and Pacific Street
  • Brandt Hall: Sidewalk repairs between Parking Lot 3-1 and Brandt Hall
  • Transit Nexus: Curb repair on transit circle drive
  • Parking Lot 4-6: Curb repair
  • Facilities Management Service Center: Sidewalk and curb replacement on east side of building