Dallas Children’s Theater to Present ‘Coyote Tales’ April 20 at Southeast


CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., April 1, 2005 — The Department of Theatre and Dance at Southeast Missouri State University and the Arts Council of Southeast Missouri will present “Coyote Tales,” an original production written, performed, and produced by the Dallas Children’s Theater, at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. April 20 in Academic Auditorium.

It’s a fabulous fiesta of music, dance and puppets in this world premiere production written by award-winning Dallas Children’s Theater resident playwright, Linda Daugherty.  Based on traditional folklore from Mexico and the American Southwest, “Coyote Tales” blends sizzling, sarcastic humor with zesty visual effects to create a spicy treat for audience members of all ages.

Poor coyote is a mischief maker of legendary proportions with an appetite to match.  He tries relentlessly to trick other animals into joining him for dinner- as his dinner.  Ultimately, it’s the trickster that ends up tricked, and coyote suffers all sorts of misfortune from his intended victims, the other desert animals, Dog, Fox, Rabbit, Chicken, Prairie Dog and Raccoon. These crafty critters scheme to rid the desert of Coyote through humiliation and cartoonish pranks.  Their revenge on Senor Coyote includes an episode with angry hornets, a shower of stones, and a dance with a deadly rattlesnake. And yet, this resilient “Sagebrush Scavenger” manages to come out on top.

Finally, in order to find some relief from the sweltering heat of El Sol, Coyote promises to help the mighty sun persuade the lovely La Luna into marriage.  La Luna agrees to marry El Sol only if he will provide a wedding dress that would make her the envy of the entire universe.

The clever canine unsuccessfully tries to create dresses that will fit the moon as she passes through different phases.  Unable to please the vain and fickle La Luna and fearful El Sol’s fiery wrath, Coyote desperately howls at La Luna in hope to persuade her to marry the sun.

Truly a living cartoon, this highly theatrical piece will be a delight for audience members and will certainly leave a positive and lasting impression on young minds with its lesson in tolerance and diversity.

All tickets are $6 and may be purchased through the Performing Arts Box Office by calling (573) 651-2265.