DPS Offers Armed Intruder Training


This week, the tragic shooting at Marshall County High School in Benton, Kentucky, has been in the news. University Police at Southeast Missouri State University want to remind you they provide free armed intruder training for faculty, staff and students.

Armed intruder training imparts the knowledge necessary to improve the chances of survival in a critical event in workplaces and schools, and empowers individuals with tools to help themselves and others. A well-trained community is better prepared to mitigate and respond in a violent incident.

Training is available through two courses. Level 1 training delivers the program through instructor presentation and group discussion of practical scenarios. The Level 1 course takes approximately one hour and is ideal when time is limited or to obtain a basic understanding of the preparedness method. The two-hour level 2 session includes the first hour presentation and a second hour of interactive scenarios. Participation in the scenarios is encouraged, but is not required. To schedule training or request information, contact Officer Jason Morgan at jdmorgan@semo.edu, Lt. Creighton Gould at cgould@semo.edu or call the Department of Public Safety at 651-2215.