Facilities Management Addressing Decreased Cooling Capacity on North Campus


Facilities Management is reporting a decrease in building cooling capacity for the majority of the buildings on the north side of campus. The chilled water system is currently operating with one smaller chiller. The larger chiller is down for major pump repairs, which keeps it from operating or producing chilled water. Facilities Management anticipates to have full repairs made and cooling systems back online by the end of next week (April 19).

Currently, the majority of chilled water is being diverted to serve the Towers Residence Halls, Group Housing and Donald G. and Gloria King LaFerla Hall.

The result of diverting chilled water to these residence halls creates a situation where the majority of other academic buildings on the north side of campus may not be receiving chilled water for cooling. Occupants of these buildings may experience times of indoor temperatures being higher than normal.

The affected buildings of this reduced cooling capacity are as follows:

  • Parker Hall
  • General Services 1
  • Mark F. Scully Building
  • Rhodes Hall
  • Magill Hall
  • Robert A. Dempster Hall
  • Johnson Hall
  • Otto and Della Seabaugh Polytechnic Building
  • Rosengarten Athletic Complex

Residence Halls that could be affected by the decreased cooling capacity are:

  • Towers North
  • Towers East
  • Towers South
  • Towers West
  • Towers Central Complex
  • Group Housing Buildings
  • Donald G. and Gloria King LaFerla Hall

The Facilities Management HVAC team is working to ensure repairs are made. Please also note that weather variations may cause unanticipated fluctuations to interior temperatures. Facilities Management apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience as they perform these necessary repairs.