Facilities Management Conducting Campus HVAC Maintenance, Modifications


Facilities Management continues to work closely with the University’s consulting engineers to ensure the campus HVAC systems are operating correctly. The design and operation of HVAC systems can affect infections aerosol transport, but they are only one part of the infection control bundle. Basic principles of social distancing, surface cleaning and disinfection, handwashing and wearing a face covering remain important when inside a space.

For the fall semester, Facilities Management made the following modifications to building HVAC system operation per consultation with engineers based on the equipment the campus has:

  • Increase outdoor air ventilation (disable demand-controlled ventilation and open outdoor air dampers as indoor and outdoor conditions permit).
  • Improve central air and other HVAC filtration to the highest level achievable with the systems in place.
  • Keep systems running longer hours (24/7 if possible).
  • Maintain temperature and humidity as applicable.

In addition to the measures already taken and with guidance from engineers, Facilities Management has also purchased individual filter units that will be placed in classrooms across campus. Larger rooms will receive multiple units. These units will remain in place during the COVID-19 pandemic. The units are starting to arrive and Facilities Management will work to install them over the next couple of months.

For more information, contact Facilities Management at (573) 651-2214.