Fall Enrollment Under Way for Music Lessons



Aug. 15, 2007 – Fall enrollment is now open in the Southeast Missouri Music Academy for all ages and levels for all types of music lessons. 

Studies have shown that well-organized, sustained music study gives children intellectual and creative advantages that last a lifetime, said Becky Fulgham, director of the Academy.

The Academy offers private instruction for all band and orchestra instruments, piano, voice and harp. Group Musicianship Classes also are available. All lessons and classes begin the week of Aug. 27, although openings may be available throughout the year.

The Suzuki Strings Program is open to students ages 3 and up. Instruction using the Suzuki philosophy includes both group and private lessons, and creates a partnership between teacher, parent and child, Fulgham said.  Instruction is based on the premise, she said, that musical ability is not an inborn talent but an ability that can be developed.  Since young children easily learn to speak their native languages, Suzuki educators use this “mother tongue method” of listening, imitating and repeating sounds to nurture a high level of musicality, she said.

The Academy Youth Orchestras will open their season Sept. 8.  The Youth Orchestra and Junior Youth Orchestra rehearse on Saturday mornings and perform at various locations.

Some financial aid is available for qualified applicants interested in participating in the Music Academy.

For more information, contact the Music Academy at (573) 651-2378 or www.semomusicacademy.org.  The Academy is a member of the National Association of Community Schools of the Arts.