Fire Alarm, Sprinkler System Inspections Planned July 3-Aug. 1


Facilities Management has contracted with Cintas Fire Protection for fire alarm and sprinkler system inspections July 3-Aug. 1. Cintas technicians will be inspecting components of the fire alarm and sprinkler systems. During this time, occupants of the buildings will hear the fire alarm sound for several minutes. The Cintas technician will notify as many people as they can before the alarms are sounded during this test. Below is a list of buildings scheduled for inspections.

  • Cheney Hall
  • Cottonwood Treatment Center:
    • Cottage A
    • Cottage B
    • Cottage C
    • Cottage D
    • Cottage E
    • Treatment Center Admin
  • Dearmont Hall:
    • Central Complex
    • A Wing
    • B Wing
    • C Wing
    • D Wing
  • Girardot Center:
    • Girardot Center
    • Dining Facility
    • Cherokee Trace
    • Shawnee Trace
  • Group Housing:
    • Group F
    • Group G
    • Group H
    • Group J
    • Group K
  • Johnson Faculty Centre
  • William A. and Christine Merick Residence Hall
  • Myers Hall
  • Donald G. and Gloria King LaFerla Hall
  • Kenneth & Jeanine Dobbins River Campus Center
  • Willard Duncan Vandiver Hall
  • Towers Complex:
    • Central Complex
    • Towers North
    • Towers East
    • Towers South
    • Towers West
  • Sigma Nu (1412 Show Me Drive)
  • Sigma Phi Epsilon (1411 Show Me Drive)