Fire Alarm, Sprinkler System Inspections Planned March 12-16, 23


Facilities Management has contracted with Cintas Fire Protection for fire alarm and sprinkler system inspections March 12-16 and March 23. Cintas technicians will be inspecting components of the fire alarm and sprinkler systems. During this time, occupants of the buildings will hear the fire alarm sound for several minutes. The Cintas technician will notify as many people as they can before the alarms are sounded during this test. Below is a list of buildings scheduled for inspections. Please note, the schedule is subject to change.

Monday, March 12:
River Campus Seminary Building

Tuesday, March 13:
Sikeston Regional Campus

Wednesday, March 14:
Kennett and Malden Regional Campuses

Thursday, March 15
No testing

Friday, March 16
River Campus Cultural Arts Center

Friday, March 23
Autism Center