Funding for Results Committee Announces 2018-2019 Grant Recipients


The Funding for Results Committee has announced its 2018-2019 grant recipients.

They are:

  • Amy Herren, clinic coordinator of Southeast’s Center for Speech and Hearing, who was awarded $14,766 for “Health Information Technology for Clinical Education.”
  • Dr. Corrie Dudley, assistant professor of nursing, who was awarded $11,000 for “Family Nurse Practitioner Procedure and Diagnostic Test Interpretation.”
  • Dr. Chuck McAllister, professor of marketing, who was awarded $7,959 for “Increasing Student Retention through Faculty Engagement in Residence Halls.”
  • Dr. Renee Patrick, director of Southeast’s Autism Center for Diagnosis and Treatment, who was awarded $18,000 for “Autism Center Building Blocks Expansion.”
  • Dr. Shamik Bhattacharya, assistant professor of engineering physics, who was awarded $15,000 for “Introduction to Mechanobiology Concepts in Undergraduate Education.”
  • Dr. Sophia Han, concertmaster and assistant professor of upper strings, who was awarded $4,000 for “Entrepreneurship Residency to Promote Success in the Arts.”
  • Dr. Sharo Shafaie, professor of child development, who was awarded $12,000 for “Enhancing Support Services for At-Risk Students with Developmental Disability.”

The Funding for Results grant program provides financial support for internal continuous improvement projects that are designed to enhance teaching and learning.

“Southeast’s Funding for Results program is an important mechanism to promote innovative and continuous improvement in teaching and learning,” said Bethany Alden-Rivers, associate provost and chair of the Funding for Results Committee. “The committee reviewed 16 proposals this year, which made it a competitive pool. The committee looks forward to the impact these seven projects will have on our students and faculty.”

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