FY19 Year End Purchasing Card Deadline Approaching


Fiscal year end is quickly approaching. To properly account for all transactions in the correct fiscal year (FY), Purchasing Card transactions with transaction dates prior to July 1, 2019,  which are not travel related for the cardholder, must be reconciled on an expense report and must be submitted and approved in Chrome River no later than Wednesday, July 10.

If the cardholder has travel transactions that cross fiscal years (for example, registration and airfare were purchased before July 1, 2019, but the trip is scheduled in August), the expenses must be reconciled on an expense report by the deadline. The expense report can then be submitted and approved (at the discretion of the financial manager) in one of the following options:

• Submit the report with only the transactions that occurred in FY19; the expenses will be recorded in FY19. The cardholder will need to create/submit a second report for the same trip after the trip occurs to account for any additional transactions related to the trip; those expenses will be recorded in FY20.

• Wait to submit the report after the trip occurs; all the expenses for the trip will be included in the one report and recorded in FY20.