FY22 Travel Allowance Rates Announced


Effective for travel on July 1, 2021, and after, the state mileage allowance rate for the use of a personal vehicle on University Business will remain the same at 37 cents per mile.

This rate is set by the State of Missouri, Office of Administration. Per diem meals for July 1, 2021, and after will remain the same as follows:

  • Standard daily rate for overnight stay for ALL cities = $50
  • High cost cities exception for overnight stay = $71

Travel allowance rates and the list of high cost cities can be found on the Accounts Payable webpage semo.edu/accountspayable under the Travel section – Per Diem Rates, Mileage, and Out of Country Travel.

For more information, contact Sheri Ponder at (573) 651-2534, or Lynda Seabaugh at (573) 651-2076.