Godwin to Speak Sept. 21 at 2004 Fall NASA Educator Resource Center Network Conference



Sept. 3, 2004 – Astronaut Linda Godwin, a veteran astronaut of four NASA space flights and a graduate of Southeast Missouri State University, will speak at the 2004 Fall NASA Educator Resource Center Network Conference Sept. 21–22 at Southeast Missouri State University.

The NASA Educator Resource Center (ERC) and the Godwin Center for Science and Mathematics Education are serving as hosts. 

Godwin will speak on the Space Shuttle and the missions on which she has flown, and the future of space flight.

Also speaking at the conference on Sept. 22 will be Benjamin Donahue of Huntsville, Ala. Donahue is an engineer with Boeing Phantom. He works and is involved with future Mars missions.  His presentation is entitled “A Historical Overview of Human Mars Missions Studies.”

This conference is an annual event for the Marshall Space Flight Center NASA ERC Region based in Huntsville, Ala.  NASA ERCs from the six-state region will convene to share the best ideas used at each state ERC in the past year, learn about the future of NASA, and current missions. Stennis and Kennedy Space Center NASA ERCs are also invited.

Aerospace Education Specialists from Marshall Space Flight Center that serve the ERC region will also attend and share their expertise from various NASA educational programs. 

The NASA Educator Resource Center (ERC) is a facility where NASA educational materials and programs, including posters, pictures and videos, are available to the public. The Center also offers a variety of instructional and interactive teacher and student programs and activities, both at the ERC itself and on-site in schools.

The NASA ERC at Southeast operates under the auspices of the Linda M. Godwin Center for Science and Mathematics Education at 222 N. Pacific. Also located on the premises is the University’s Math Resource Center. The ERC is designed to serve K-12 teachers throughout Missouri who may access educational resources and teacher training workshops. Materials available at the ERC help K-12 educators enhance their classrooms so their students will become excited about science, math, social studies and technology using NASA’s unique educational products.