Graduate’s Commencement a Snapshot of his Future


Photography Student Embarks on New Journey while at Commencement

Hamilton Nathaniel

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., May 5, 2014 – Southeast Missouri State University student Nathaniel Hamilton will graduate this spring like many others. However, there will be no cap and gown for Hamilton at commencement ceremonies May 17 as he will be behind the camera instead of in front of it like his peers at the Show Me Center.

Nathaniel Hamilton of Mexico, Mo., will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in commercial photography. He will spend his commencement day working with Lifetouch photography, the company that now employs him, documenting the events of the day.

“I discovered Lifetouch about three and half years ago. I was asked if I wanted to be an assistant to the photographers during a previous spring commencement and I said ‘yes.’ From there, I have been an assistant with the company every year,” says Hamilton.

“The staff that I have met is very friendly and helpful to me,” he adds. “They are going to be a great company to work with, and I am excited.”

Like many others, Hamilton’s tenure at Southeast was full of decisions, one of which involved the degree he would pursue.

“Well starting off, I was more computer and multimedia graphics until the commercial photography degree was introduced,” says Hamilton. “After taking the black and white film class my freshman year, I just came to enjoy photography.”

Hamilton believes Southeast has prepared him for his future endeavors. He notes his time spent was well worth it and will ultimately lead him to achieve his dreams.

“Southeast has provided me with the knowledge and skills that I need. My advisor was always there for me, and my professors were the best I could ask for. I plan to stay in touch with them the best I can,” says Hamilton.

He adds, “I was involved with the German Club, served as the vice president of the Student Photography Association and as of this spring, I joined the Roller Hockey Club. I plan to do my best to stay involved with the clubs during my master’s program,” says Hamilton.

Hamilton plans to pursue a Master of Science in technology management at Southeast beginning in Fall 2014. He will remain in Cape Girardeau until the completion of his degree, upon which he plans to move to Des Moines, Iowa, the district office of Lifetouch he currently works from, or another district within the company.

“My best advice for a graduating senior would be to make use of the network you develop at Southeast,” says Hamilton. “Get your name out there and make a good impression with employers. Another great resource that I highly recommend is Linked In. It’s a great networking site and you can see which companies are hiring via the website. It’s a great way to connect with possible employers.”