Hamblin Publishes Volume of Collected Poems


Dr. Robert Hamblin, a retired professor of English at Southeast Missouri State University, has issued a volume of his collected poems.

The volume, titled “Epiphanies, Large and Small,” includes all of Hamblin’s previous eight books of poems (1986-2019), plus several additional poems.  Subjects treated include growing up in Mississippi, participating in sports, living in London, reflecting on God and religion, aging, and caring for a spouse stricken with Alzheimer’s.

In the preface, Hamblin describes the book as “a type of autobiography,” reflecting “the innumerable convergences that constitute a life—with family and friends, colleagues, strangers, nature, God, places, events, ideas, memories, dreams.”

This is the fifth book Hamblin has self-published since his retirement in 2015.  In explaining his decision to self-publish, Hamblin jokes, “At my age, I’m no longer interested in long-range projects, and now that I’m retired from academia, I don’t have to worry about peer reviews.”

More seriously, Hamblin notes that by self-publishing, which utilizes printing on demand, the time between submitting a manuscript and holding a book in his hand is less than one month.

“Epiphanies, Large and Small” is the 39th book Hamblin has authored or edited, including 21 scholarly volumes, four biographies, three memoirs, one novel, and a collection of essays, in addition to the poems.

The collected poems may be purchased online from amazon.com or directly from the author.