Hamblin to Teach Faulkner Seminar in Japan



March 13, 2006 – Dr. Robert Hamblin loves introducing readers to the works of William Faulkner.

Professor of English and Director of the Center for Faulkner Studies at Southeast Missouri State University, Hamblin has been teaching Faulkner’s novels and stories for four decades.

During April and May, he’ll carry his Faulkner message to Japan, where he’ll teach a graduate seminar in Faulkner at Senshu University in Tokyo.  He will also deliver guest lectures at several other Japanese universities.

The invitation to lecture in Japan comes as a result of the efforts of the BioKyowa Visiting Japanese Scholars who have traveled to Southeast over the past seven years.

The Visiting Scholar program is sponsored by the BioKyowa chemical manufacturing plant located in Cape Girardeau.  The program brings one Japanese scholar each year to Southeast to conduct research in the University’s renowned Brodsky Collection, one of the world’s finest gatherings of Faulkner materials. “There is tremendous interest in Faulkner in Japan,” Hamblin commented.  “Faulkner visited there in 1955 and was a big favorite with students, professors and the general public.”

All of Faulkner’s major works have been translated into Japanese, and the Japanese William Faulkner Society currently enrolls more than 200 members.

Hamblin has co-authored 11 books on Faulkner, including a Faulkner encyclopedia, and published more than 50 articles on the Nobel Prize-winning author in various books and journals. 

A featured lecturer in Oprah Winfrey’s recent “Summer of Faulkner,” Hamblin can still be found online at oprah.com delivering lectures on Faulkner’s novel, As I Lay Dying, to the members of Oprah Winfrey’s Book Club.