Human Resources Announces Employee Annual Benefits Open Enrollment Meetings


2018 Annual Benefits Open Enrollment will begin on Monday, Oct. 23, and end on Friday, Nov. 3. Informational meetings will begin on Oct. 9, and end Oct. 18. Employees must register to attend a meeting through Training & Development’s Skillport website at Meeting dates and times are listed in Skillport. Employees may sign up for a session by clicking the “enroll” option. Meeting location can be accessed by selecting the “detail” link.

All employees are strongly encouraged to attend an informational meeting. As President Vargas indicated in his message to the Southeast community on Sept. 1, medical insurance plan utilization has continued to increase resulting in premium increases for FY19.

The following will be discussed during the informational meetings:

  • The University will offer two medical plans, a Base Medical Plan with HSA option (deductibles of $2,000 individual/$4,000 family) and an Accelerated Medical Plan (deductibles of $1,000 individual/$2,000 family).
  • The University will continue to pay 100% of the employee only premium for the Base Medical Plan when employed 75% to 100% FTE.
  • The University will continue to provide spouse and dependent premium supplements for the Base Medical Plan with HSA option.
  • The University will continue to provide cafeteria plan funding for the Base Medical Plan with HSA option only.
  • United Healthcare is introducing a wellness initiative called MOTION, which is an activity-based program allowing employees enrolled in the Base Medical Plan with HSA to earn up to $3 per day for deposit into their health savings account (HSA).
  • The Accelerated Medical Plan will include a medical reimbursement account (MRA) option.
  • Dental and vision insurance providers will remain the same, with dental insurance premiums increasing slightly.
  • There will be a new plan administrator for medical reimbursement (MRA) and dependent care assistance accounts, which will include new debit cards and new reimbursement claim forms.

Questions concerning these meetings should be directed to Human Resources at (573) 651-2206.