Human Resources Facilitating Informational Trainings on New Staff Employee Performance Management System


Human Resources is facilitating informational trainings regarding the new Staff Employee Performance Management System. This system includes new processes, forms and evaluation time periods. Departmental trainings are scheduled during August and September for all staff departments.

In addition, supervisor/evaluator training is scheduled for Sept. 10 at 9 a.m. and Sept. 11 at 2 p.m. All staff and staff supervisors are strongly encouraged to attend the training. Please check with your manager on your training date. If you cannot attend your department training, you may attend a session with another department.

To review the forms and a list of training dates, please visit the Human Resources page at

Below is a summary of changes, which go into effect immediately.

  • Performance Review Cycle: The staff employee performance review cycle will be based on calendar year. Annual performance evaluation review meetings between the employee and supervisor will be conducted in January of each year and based on a review of job performance in the past calendar year.  The initial performance review period under the new system will be on a shortened timeframe for the rest of this calendar year.  Future performance cycles would then be based on a calendar year basis from that point forward.
  • Rating System: A four-tier performance rating system will apply, with the goal to encourage employees to achieve optimum performance.
  • Core Performance Objectives: The new annual review process will include a standardized set of core performance objectives that apply to every staff employee. Standardized core objectives allow for more consistency and a more well-rounded assessment of overall job performance.
  • Mid-Year Evaluation Form: All staff employees will receive a mid-year evaluation based on the standardized core performance objectives. The mid-year evaluation meeting will take place in June or July of the current performance review cycle and promote further discussion between the employee and supervisor on progress toward meeting performance objectives.
  • Self-Evaluation Form: All staff employees will be required to complete a self-evaluation assessment in November of the current performance review cycle and submit to their supervisor prior to the scheduled annual review meeting.

Questions should be directed to Human Resources at (573) 651-2206.