Human Resources Reminder: Mid-Year Performance Evaluations and Conversations Now Open


As we near mid-year of calendar year 2021, it is time for supervisors to complete mid- year staff performance evaluations. Human Resources will continue to use the online evaluation form, available via, under the Human Resources tab. The online mid-year process is open through July 31, 2021.

Supervisors will complete the online evaluation form and meet with each staff member. Supervisors may conduct the meetings face to face, remotely or via phone call. After the meeting, the supervisor will send the online evaluation to the employee via the workflow system. The employee will receive an email, with a link to access the form. Employees will review the form and are encouraged to add comments. Employees must electronically sign the form by selecting the signature icon located on the bottom right corner. Once complete, the employee will select the “return to supervisor” button. The supervisor will electronically sign the form, and the final copy will be submitted. The final copy will be sent to both the employee and supervisor via email. A copy will also be routed to Human Resources for the employees’ personnel file.

Tutorials for supervisors and employees, as well as step by step instructions, are available at evaluations.

If an employee is on an approved leave, please complete the evaluation and send an email to noting anyone that is currently on leave. When the employee returns, meet with them as soon as possible to review the evaluation.

In the event an employee has changed positions in the last six months, the previous manager and new manager should work together to complete the mid-year evaluation. Ultimately, the new manager is accountable for ensuring an evaluation is completed and the results are reviewed with the employee.

New staff employees hired on or after April 1, 2021, will not need a mid-year performance evaluation.

If you have any questions, contact Human Resources at (573) 651-2206 or