Human Resources Reminder: Mid-Year Staff Performance Evaluations and Conversations Continuing Through July 31


We started our new Staff Performance Management process this calendar year.  With that process, we are committed to providing our staff with ongoing feedback. We are almost half-way through the first year of the new process, and it is now time for our mid-year staff performance evaluations and employee meetings.

As discussed during our Performance Management training last fall, we plan to continue to automate and enhance our performance management system. The new streamlined form will be used during the mid-year performance evaluation process, which began June 24, 2019, and continues through July 31, 2019. The form may be accessed at by selecting the Login tab and entering your Southeast Key and password. The form is under the Human Resources tab. Staff employees and supervisors will use the online evaluation form, evaluating the same core criteria introduced and assessed during our Annual Evaluation process.  The mid-year conversation is an excellent way to continue the two-way feedback on what is working, areas for improvement and openly communicating progress towards the employees’ goals.

Supervisors will complete the online evaluation form and meet face to face with each staff employee. After the meeting, the supervisor will send the online evaluation to the employee via the workflow system. The employee will receive an email, with a link to access the form. Employees will once again review the form and are encouraged to add comments. Employees must electronically sign the form, by selecting the signature icon located on the bottom right corner. Once complete, the employee will select the return to supervisor button to route back to the supervisor. The supervisor will electronically sign the form, and the final copy will be submitted. The final copy will be sent to both the employee and supervisor via email. A copy will also be routed to Human Resources for the employee’s personnel file.

Step-by-step instructions for supervisors and employees, along with an online tutorial for supervisors, are available via Questions should be directed to Human Resources at 651-2206 or by email at