Intensive English Programs’ Revised Fee Structure to Support Student Success at Southeast


The Southeast Missouri State University Board of Regents today, Dec. 18, approved a flat program fee structure for the Premium Immersion Program and the Online Intensive English Program offered by Southeast’s Office of International Education and Services (IES).

The new fee structure will be $2,750 per 8-week session for both programs, and will take effect with the fall 2021 semester. Students in need of an individual Intensive English course will be charged the corresponding non-resident tuition rate based on their degree level and modality.

The flat program fee will better allow the University, its partners and students to plan and discuss their best options for attending IEP at Southeast.

“The new fee structure is a flat rate that’s easy to understand and predict,” said Breanna Walling, associate director of  International Education and Services and director of Intensive English Programs. “It helps us explain to students and families exactly what they can expect to pay each session. It’s also a competitive rate that keeps our program in reach for more students.”

The current economic climate and travel restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as changes to the modality of course offerings, required the University and IES to review its fee and cost structure to support long-term viability of its IEP programs.

Southeast’s on-campus immersion experience is still the gold star for learning language and culture, but students need options, especially right now, Walling said.

Nick Centanna (top, center), IEP instructional specialist, leads an online IEP course.

“Students can meet the English language requirement online and continue to one of Southeast’s high quality online degree programs, or they can come to Cape Girardeau and study English or an academic degree on campus,” she said. “The University’s online options allow us to support more students and recognize that although this has been a tough year, they don’t have to wait on their dreams. Online IEP options and a restructured fee process will provide more opportunities for students to start their higher education journey without a visa, without travel, and still be part of the Southeast community.”

IES successfully offered the full IEP program online in the fall 2020 semester, and the University believes there is opportunity for continued growth in an online program.

“This fall, IEP teachers found ways to create a new experience that suits the online environment,” Walling said. “We thought of it like adapting a book into a movie—you want to tell the same story, but it’s going to be a different product because you can use different tools in each format. This December, we celebrated the first time an online IEP student completed the language requirement for full admission to Southeast, and they’ll start face-to-face classes in their major next semester. Their accomplishments are a testament to their personal commitment to studying in the U.S. and the online IEP programs commitment to student success.”

Additionally this fall, IEP held its first online short-term six-week program and will continue this shortened programming next year.

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