Intern Resource Network Now Available for Students

Faculty and staff are encouraged to share information about the Intern Resource Network, at, a web-based resource that is a clearinghouse of information on sexual harassment for college students in internships, their campus advisors and best practices for employers and site supervisors working with students. The primary goal of the Intern Resource Network is to prevent students from experiencing sexual harassment, violence and discrimination of any kind as they prepare to leave campus and enter the work force. The information provided by the Intern Resource Network applies to student interns/externs as well as graduate assistantships on campus.
Southeast’s Office of Student Conduct has assisted interns in the past who faced sexual harassment at their job sites, so this does happen to the University’s students. The Intern Resource Network was created to educate and assist students as they prepare for their placement and to provide resources if an incident occurs.
No student should have to accept sexual harassment or violence as part of the college experience. Faculty and staff have the unique opportunity to support students on campus, and as they prepare to enter the workforce. Employers have a responsibility to address the impact of violence and discrimination by creating trauma-informed workplaces.
The Intern Resource Network is a collaborative project of the Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence (MCADSV) and Partners in Prevention. This project builds the capacity of campuses to work with students, employers in the private and public sector, and local domestic and sexual violence organizations. This project began with a personal donation from U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill, with additional funding provided by the Women’s Foundation of Kansas City.
For  more information about the Intern Resource Network, please contact, Joan Masters, senior coordinator with Missouri Partners in Prevention at (573) 882-4634 or Matthew Huffman, prevention coordinator of MCADSV, at (573) 634-4161.
For campus related resources, contact Counseling and Disability Services at (573) 986-6191, the Office of Student Conduct at  (573) 651-2264 or Sonia Rucker, dean of students and Title IX coordinator, at (573) 651-2524.