IT, CSTL Announce Nov. 24 Deadline for Additions, Changes to SmartEvals


All Fall 2018 courses are automatically evaluated using SmartEvals, as is done during spring semesters. Students will be prompted to complete SmartEvals course evaluations Nov. 25-Dec. 9 for the second eight-week and full 16-week session.

•Additional questions must be added by Nov. 24. Questions can be added by logging into and clicking the “Add Questions” button on any fall course.

•To add department evaluation to a course, if available, log into, go to the course, add the “CSTL Evaluations” block and complete the request by Nov. 24. Do not send requests to add department evaluations to department chairs.

•SmartEvals does not report class evaluation results when five or fewer students respond. ITV and metalinked courses with anticipated low numbers of responses can be combined. Please make this request at Choose Moodle/LMS>SmartEvals>Combined Evaluations. Please complete this by Nov. 24.

•Make any special requests, such as separation of teaching assistant sections or opting out of SmartEvals, should be made at Choose Moodle/LMS>SmartEvals>Special Request. Please complete this by Nov. 24.

•For ideas for increasing response rates, please contact the Center of Scholarship in Teaching and Learning at or (573) 651-2298.