Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop and More to be Showcased in Dance-Apalooza 2009 at River Campus



April 3, 2009 – The Department of Theatre and Dance in the Earl and Margie Holland School of Visual and Performing Arts at Southeast Missouri State University will present its annual faculty and guest artist choreographed concert, Dance-Apalooza 2009 April 16-19. 

The performance will be held at 7:30 p.m. April 16-18 and at 2 p.m. April 19 in the Donald C. Bedell Performance Hall located in the Cultural Arts Center at the River Campus.

Southeast faculty choreographers include Philip Edgecombe, Lees Hummel, Hilary Peterson, and Marc Strauss, and guest artist choreographer from New York City, Robert Battle, artistic director of the internationally renowned Battleworks Dance Company.

This year’s concert promises to be exciting and diverse, including dance styles such as jazz, tap, hip hop, contemporary ballet, and contemporary/modern dance set to the music of Bach, Mozart, George Gershwin, the White Stripes, Yello, Brigitte Bardot, Mel Tormé, Lupe Fiasco, Jimi Hendrix, Al Jarreau, Sigur Rós and others.


Hilary Peterson“In the Shadow of the Sun” “upbeat, multiple rhythms layered on top of each other simultaneously”

“Chew, Blow, Pop!”“the frustration of learning how to blow bubbles, with gum stuck on their shoes  and in their hair”

Robert Battle“Rush Hour”“very percussive, intense, precise, and controlled impressions of a first visit to New York City”

Lees Hummel“Part Four: And the Song Remains the Same”“Al Jarreau’s musicality reflected and opposed to Jump Rhythm Jazz Project’s full-bodied, rhythm-making accents and vocalizations”

“Swingin’ on the Moon” “fun swing dance style duet set to Mel Tormé music”

Philip Edgecombe“Hendrix Dances”“treating Jimi Hendrix music as if it were a refined, polyrhythmic classic Bach  piece”

“Pilgrimage of Mercury”“an investigation of individual power in relation to institutional or community power in the sciences, whether it be through the creation of war technologies or via health care” 

Marc Strauss “Sonata for Five in Fours: For Sarah”“I have choreographed a mix of neo-classical and contemporary ballet set to a live performance of the ‘Mt. Everest’ of solo violin compositions, ‘Sonata No. 3 in C Major,’ by Johann Sebastian Bach, played by Department of Music Professor Brandon Christensen, onstage with the dancers.”

TICKETSTickets may be purchased by contacting the River Campus Box Office, located in the Cultural Arts Center, 518 S. Fountain St., weekdays 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., or by calling (573) 651-2265. Tickets also may be purchased at all MetroTix outlets, online at MetroTix.com keyword, “dance-apalooza” or by calling toll-free (800) 293-5949.