Kent Library Announces Student Engagement Initiatives


This academic year, Kent Library will pilot two new first-time initiatives to engage Southeast students in developing the library’s collection.

By providing resources selected by students, Kent Library hopes to increase student engagement and awareness.

The first initiative, “What Would You Like to Read About?”, will allow the student body, as a whole, to select subject areas of interest that should be enhanced or added to Kent Library’s collection. These subject areas can be broad or narrow, current events or academic in nature, or anything in between. Example subject areas include microbiology or feminism. The goal of this initiative is for students to suggest areas where Kent Library can grow its collection to better serve the needs of the students. Once a subject area is selected through nominations and a campus vote, a Kent Library faculty librarian will select the materials to be added to the collection. Nomination forms are available at and are due by Oct. 4.

The second initiative will engage University student organizations by awarding two $1,500 Carrie Woodburn Johnson Endowment grants to add materials to Kent Library’s collection. Applications are currently being accepted and selected student organizations will work with Kent Library faculty librarians to create a list of requested materials. Applications are available at and are due by 5 p.m. Nov. 1.

Materials purchased through both initiatives will be on display on the main floor of Kent Library during the spring 2020 semester.

For more information, contact Randyn Heisserer-Miller, acquisitions coordinator, at or (573) 651-2073.