Kent Library Athenaeum Presents Faculty in the Wild: What Do We Do in Those Ivory Towers All Day?


LOC-KentHave you ever wondered how your professors spend their time? Southeast faculty from every college and from all ranks come together for a brief question and answer discussion about what it means to be a professor in the 21st century. Come and learn what it means to be part of the “Ivory Tower.” You may be surprised. It’s not all tweed suits and pipes anymore!

Presenters are: Dr. Simin Cwick, chair of Southeast’s Department of Middle and Secondary Education; Dr. Linda Garner, assistant professor of nursing; Brooke Hildebrand Clubbs, instructor of communication studies; Leslie Jones, associate professor of music; Dr. Debbie Lee-DiStefano, professor of foreign languages; Shannon McNew, instructor of biology; Dr. Alisha Youngblood Ortiz, interim chair of Southeast’s Department of Accounting and assistant professor of accounting.

The Athenaeum will take place Wednesday, Aug. 31 in Sadie’s Place at Kent Library from noon-1 p.m. This event is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served.