Kent Library New Online Catalog Now Available


Kent Library’s new online catalog at is now available. As a result of this update, all links to need to be replaced with Additionally, all existing library URL links that include “galahad” in the URL and connect students to library resources need to be replaced with the new links.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to update these links in Moodle and all other ways they share links to library resources with students that directly connect them to the library catalog.

There are several options to update these links:

  • Kent Library staff is currently working with Floyd Lockhart in Information Technology to automate the updating of the library catalog links in Moodle. Please note, this method only works if the link is entered directly in Moodle, not if the link is embedded inside an attached file. For more information on updating links in attached files, contact Floyd at
  • Faculty and staff can share existing catalog links with Kent Library staff, who will provide a new link to the same library resource.
  • Search the new library catalog to get the new permalink by using the following steps:
    • Visit
    • Enter the permalink to be updated into the search box. Example Galahad permalink:
    • Click “Submit”
    • Using the Galahad link, the search engine retrieves the correct record in the new catalog
    • Click “Permanent Link” in the lower right-hand corner
    • Your web browser’s address bar will display the new permalink: 
    • Paste the new link directly into your course materials, replacing the Galahad link

For any questions or more information, Kent Library staff are available to help with this transition and can be contacted at