KRCU 90.9 FM Airs New Local Program


CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., Jan. 6, 2004 — During the cold winter months, people often spend time with “winter projects” such as working on puzzles, reading books that have piled up or household chores.  KRCU 90.9 FM’s winter project is to go through its impressive collection of vinyl recordings and to share them with listeners.

“The Winter Project” is a special series that airs on Tuesday nights at 7:30 p.m., beginning tonight. “The Winter Project” follows Comedy College on KRCU 90.9 FM.  The eclectic mix on the program and the fact that every piece of music will be played on vinyl makes this a unique show, said Danny Woods, general manager of KRCU Radio.

Woods, who also hosts “The Winter Project,” came up with the idea when looking through the library and noticing how much vinyl was not being used.

“With the convenience and broadcast quality that CDs provide, we really don’t play a lot of vinyl anymore,” said Woods.  “I thought that this would give us a good opportunity to play some of those old records.”

Woods also said that the collection was very eclectic, with blues, bluegrass, jazz, classical — even an entire episode of “The Shadow.”

KRCU 90.9 FM is Cape Girardeau’s local Public Radio International affiliate and a National Public Radio member station providing the Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois region with classical music, news and entertainment programming. For more information about this special series, log on to