KRCU Public Radio Meanders West


Photo of Dr. Alan Journet broadcasting at KRCU Radio.

Dr. Alan Journet is retiring from Southeast, including 29 years with KRCU Radio, and is taking his “A Musical Meander” to the public radio station of Southern Oregon University.


April 15, 2010 – KRCU listeners travelling north and south on Interstate 5 near the California/Oregon border this summer may have a sense of déjà vu. That’s because Dr. Alan Journet, who has been producing and hosting a weekly two-hour classical music program on KRCU for more than 29 years is retiring from Southeast Missouri State University and planning to relocate a little further west.  Always a great fan and supporter of public radio himself and long-time member of the KRCU Community Advisory Board, Journet has parlayed his experience in Cape Girardeau into a slot on the public radio station of Southern Oregon University. Named after the mythic state that the locals dreamed of carving out of southern Oregon and northern California, Jefferson State Public Radio broadcasts three networks: “The Classics and News Service,” “Rhythm and News,” and “News and Information.”  Jefferson Public Radio (JPR) broadcasts the full range of programs available through the public radio networks. 

“A Musical Meander,” the program Journet has been broadcasting to Southeast Missouri for many years, is a two-hour compilation mainly of classical selections from the personal collection that Journet and his wife, Dr. Kathy Conway, have accumulated in their personal library. However, it also usually features a meander away from that genre to something different – maybe to ambiental, modern instrumental (New Age) music, folk or traditional music, or even to old classics from the popular idiom. 

“It started out on vinyl,” Journet said.  “In 1981 we broadcast live through a 10-watt transmitter from a studio housed in the dome of Academic Hall on the Southeast campus.”  Of course, it has long since switched to compact discs, but occasionally, through the current retro facilities of KRCU, Journet occasionally harken back to the old days of vinyl with re-runs featuring those earlier recordings.”

Running locally on KRCU at 8 p.m. on Thursdays, “A Musical Meander” will be shifting days and times when it arrives out West in April. On JPR it will be heard on Saturdays at 5 p.m. Journet will be retiring from the Department of Biology at Southeast Missouri State University in May, after which he and Conway plan to relocate to Ashland in Southern Oregon, home of JPR.   Since Oregon is Conway’s home state, it is an area they have spent much time visiting over the years, and have enjoyed tremendously.  Referring favorably to the area they plan to adopt, Journet – always a biologist – speaks warmly of the beauty of the area, the proximity of Crater Lake and the coastal redwoods of northern California not to mention the local vineyards.

Listeners to KRCU should not be too disappointed, however, by Journet’s departure.  Just as he is now producing “Musical Meanders” to play on JPR before he leaves our area, he also plans to produce them once he arrives out West to ship back here.

As the area’s source for diverse musical programming and award winning NPR news, KRCU strives to continuously excel in providing the highest quality public radio programming to Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois. Nearly 1.9 million people within the listening area have the opportunity to tune in to KRCU 90.9 FM which is a 6,500 watt station located in Cape Girardeau and KSEF 88.9 FM, a 9,500 watt repeater station located in Farmington. The station broadcasts 24 hours a day from the campus of Southeast Missouri State University. More information is available at