KRCU to Launch ‘Discover Nature’ Program


CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., Feb. 26, 2009 — KRCU is proud to announce a new addition to their roster of local programs.

On Monday, March 2, KRCU will launch “Discover Nature.” Every week there are new marvels to look for in the outdoors, and “Discover Nature” highlights these attractions. The Missouri Department of Conservation’s Candice Davis brings us the stories of river otters, luna moths, redbuds, and other actors as they take center stage in nature’s theatre. Davis says that the program has “just enough science to be educational, yet it’s still accessible and engaging.”

This timely and topical program is the audio counterpart of the Missouri Department of Conservation’s Natural Events Calendar.

KRCU Host/Producer Jacob McCleland says that “Discover Nature” should appeal to a broad audience.

“We live in a beautiful part of the country, and there are so many animals and plants that we often take for granted,” he said. “The more we learn about them, the more we see that they are often beautiful, unique, or downright bizarre in their own way.”

You can “Discover Nature” every Monday morning at 7:49 a.m. during “Morning Edition” on KRCU, 90.9FM and 88.9FM. Episodes of “Discover Nature” will be available as a podcast at