Lecture to Address History, Future of Bird Life in Southeast Missouri Lowlands



Feb. 12, 2009 – “The History and Future of Bird Life in the Lowlands of Southeast Missouri” will be the topic of a lecture by Dr. Bill Eddleman, chair of the Department of Biology at Southeast Missouri State University at noon Feb. 25 in Sadie’s Place in Southeast’s Kent Library.

The lowlands of Southeast Missouri were once a diverse mix of bottomland wetlands, shallow lakes, slow-flowing streams and sand prairies.  The bird life of this region was poorly-known, but scattered historical accounts suggest it was equally diverse, Eddleman said.  With drainage of many of the vast wetlands in the region, accompanying changes in habitats, human activities and climate change, birds have responded in various waysᾰ including local extinction, reduction in populations, decline followed by recovery, increases and appearance of new species, he said.

Eddleman will summarize these changes, place them in the context of habitat alterations and speculate about the future of the bird life of Southeast Missouri.  He will include a number of case histories of local birds in the presentation.

The lecture is part of Kent Library’s Athenaeum Spring Series. For more information, visit http://library.semo.edu/info/athenaeum2009.shtml.