Main Campus Academic Building and UC Scheduling System Changes Effective Dec. 17


The University and Campus Life and Event Services will transition to new event management software over the course of the next six months. Current reservations through December 2019 are being migrated from R25 to a temporary system in Microsoft Outlook.

Effective Dec. 17, event hosts and individuals requesting space reservations from Campus Life and Event Services will no longer get an email with an attached confirmation PDF. Rather you will be invited to a meeting through your Outlook calendar. This calendar invite will function as your reservation confirmation and should not be used to invite others to the meeting or event. Please accept these reservation “meeting(s)” so you have confirmation of the reservation for your records. Many of the details of the old confirmation will still appear in the calendar invite; however, some functionality of the current system will not be available short term as we transition to a permanent event management software.

Once you receive and accept the initial “meeting” reservation, you will be notified by email again with any changes or updates to the meeting. Please note, you may have two meetings on your calendar at the same date and time once you accept the room “meeting” reservation and if you then add the personal meeting/appointment on your calendar. You will still need to contact Event Services and Scheduling to make changes or cancel existing space reservations in the University Center and academic spaces on the main campus.

You will continue to receive reports from R25 based on reservations submitted prior to Dec. 21; however individual reservation confirmations will start being sent as of Dec. 17 in Outlook and sometimes also in R25.

If you have questions about your existing reservations, please contact Campus Life and Event Services at or or call (573) 651-2280 and request to speak with Event Services and Scheduling.

Thank you for your patience with and support of this new scheduling process.