Mangels Delivers Report on Contracts and Facilities Management Projects (Page 28)


Kathy Mangels, outgoing vice president for finance and administration, delivered a report on contracts and Facilities Management projects to the Regents Sept. 25

Mangels said repairs to Tunnels 51-55, near the Otto and Della Seabaugh Polytechnic Building and Group Housing, were completed prior to the start of the fall semester.

Mangels highlighted the Convocation Center at the River Campus was converted to an additional Dance Studio.

She also highlighted tuckpointing repairs were made at the Gateway fountains at Broadway and Henderson St. New lighting was installed and new lettering was installed to match the University’s current brand standards. Additionally, earlier this summer an adjacent house was demolished on a contiguous lot purchased by the Southeast Missouri University Foundation, allowing for better site-lines while approaching the campus on Broadway.

Work continues on the Towers West and North elevator upgrades, Mangels said. Repairs were made to one elevator in each tower prior to the start of the fall semester, and the second elevator in each tower is currently under renovation. Work will be complete by the end of the calendar year, she said.